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May 05, 2014


Michael Twohig

Very interesting article Jeoff and tha I you for posting more information on 3-D which includes the underground.
There is definetly momentum towards the 3-d programs which include the subsurface facilities at the same level of accuracy and detail that exist from the a I've ground geospatial platforms. My concern has been to educate the clients which subsurface mapping program can reach the same level of detail with realistic expectation.
I have performed many 3-d above and below ground surveys for years and all too often the below ground data is modeled from assumptions and interpretations and no one tool is capable of mapping the subsurface environment. The next generation of multi-antenna GPR will be a big improvement but only when all the geophysics is applied by an experienced practioner can the reliable, complete and annotated subsurface data be integrated with a high reliability of the above ground surveys.
Thank you for a great piece.
Michael Twohig

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