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March 24, 2006


Tyler Mitchell

I like the Web 2.0 analogy you make here and I see the idea of 'participation' in web GIS as being a critical missing piece. Taking the leap from 'GIS in the backroom' to an open two-way flow of information is quite liberating to consider. For some, it seems like moving out of the backroom is quite a scary prospect because their business is so tightly tied to the need for specialists. But with technical barriers being removed by products like MapGuide Open Source (and others) it's raising the bar for analysts/specialists to pop open the blackbox.

I've long hoped for the ultimate thin client for spatial updates from an endless number of platforms - so that I could deliver data to clients rather than derived works requiring speciality software.

Where will consulting be in 5 years when clients will not just demand a map product or report - but will demand you give them the tools to do their own maps and reports? Pretty exciting prospect...

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