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June 30, 2006


Jason Birch


In one of my presentations at GeoTec, I argued that it is more cost effective to implement scheduled translations than a central spatial database in many cases. One of the primary reasons I gave for this (other than administration and licensing costs) was the difficulty in standardising text labels and symbology between the various systems.

Database purists might argue that storing information about text placement is contaminating the data, but really it is metadata: information on how the data maintainer recommends the text be represented.

I look forward to this standard being adopted by the various vendors. At the same time, it would be nice if there was agreement on a portable feature representation descriptor. Having to maintain separate libraries of symbols (ttf, autocad blocks, wmf) and scrambling to match linear representations between different systems accecssing the same data is a huge productivity drain. Something like SLD for SF would be useful, maybe using SVG for the symbols?


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