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July 23, 2006


Jimmy Leng

Hi Geoff, I am a mapper/councillor of MalsingMaps, the "Malaysia Singapore Maps" site that you quoted in this blog.

Firstly, thank you for your comments on our site! Getting active member participation on our site has always been a challenge in our short 1.5 year history. Your comments of our site being an example of a "participative" site is most interesting as this gives us some form of "external recognition" of the success we have had in soliciting and sustaining active participation on our site.

Would appreciate your thoughts on the following:

1. Could you elaborate on what makes our site "interesting" from your perspective, geospatial or otherwise?

2. What are your thoughts with regards to the long-term sustainability of a site like ours vis-a-vis your observations of other "participative"-type websites? What should we do/not do to ensure site longevity?

3. Our underlying geo-data is currently not open sourced. Do you see any benefits which we can reap, as a "participative", not-for-profit site if we were to make our underlying data open source?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon, either in your blog or on our site (I will post the same questions in the currently active thread on the Geospatial conference).


Hi Geoff

Do you accept article contributions on technology of 3D documentation?

I would like to spread news on such technology, how it has helped companies and researchers as shown here:

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