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April 16, 2007


Tim Case

Thanks Geoff for drawing good connections though as a point of historical clarification, the excellent initial IFC2x3g work was an independant effort funded in Norway and done by AEC3 (Jeff Wix et al) with help from a diverse regional expert team. This effort preceeded our OGC-IAI MOU by several months.

Harsha Vardhan

I am glad to see yet another review by Mr.Geoff on GIS Development Conference "Map Middle East 2007".

And it was amazing hearing his presentation at that conference. And its through that GIS is reaching the masses.

As Mr.Geoff said at Map Africa and Map World Forum 2005,2006 were the transformation years in which spatial component or maps have got their say through the WMSs like Google Earth/Maps, Virtual Earth etc. As he has mentioned about the , the Geospatial/ Geography component in the Infrastructure industry/softwares is having a lot of relevance. May be the next boom or move of GIS is establishing itself with the Architecture/ Construction Industry.

Hope to hear the comments from Mr.Geoff.

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