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September 05, 2007



Lack of adequate funding: One the many problems facing the construction industry is the allocation of limited resources to achieve an efficient and effective structure which will result to the use of substandard material to yield poorly raised structure.


Thank you very much for the highlighted challenges.But, how can we enhance the quality and cost of the building in the basis of size and time factor in relations to;CLIENTS, ARCHTECT, SURVEYORS AND ENGINEERS.
Building are collupsing in Kenya, my country but the relationship is so poor that we do not know who to blade.

Patrick Ngata.
Construction management tutor.

Nikhil Nair

Hi Geoff,

this is a very good article and had sufficient contents and information. May be you have some related articles in predicting some future risks for construction industry. It will be of great help since I am doing a research program on this. Thanks

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