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February 24, 2008


Luc Vaillancourt

Hi Geoff,

Its been a pleasure to meet you there.

Yes, Consortech little road show in Province of Quebec (Quebec and Montrela) was something unique, not only because it was free, but because they put together an impressive agenda bringing four big names in geospatial.

I also appreciated the fact that in your presentation, you are giving general/generic information to inform the audience and explain how Autodesk play its game. We are preparing a review of the event for this Wednesday... if you don't mind, we will use this post as a source to our review!

And for the following Wednesday, we are working an article on Autodesk... inspired by Gwenael Bachelot and you.


Luc Vaillancourt

Hi Geoff,

Just want to point to our French review of that one day conference :



Hello Mr. Zeiss,

I think that no matter how read this post is (and what has been covered in the conference on this topic), it has been either under-read or misunderstood by much of the industry. Do a search on GSA and BIM and you will see that this agency in the Federal govt. (where I work) has made a significant investment in 3D visualization and interoperability. However personally I don't believe interoperability will really be achieved unless all (or most) of the information is stored in a database (eg. Oracle XXg) or uses instantly available data technologies like FDO (if the query mechanism allows laymen to access it the way they want).

Additionally, reading around on the topic, a few in our different industries (GIS, AEC, BIM, etc.) seem to think that their trade technologies should be served by the others. (i.e. What does CAD have to offer GIS? or What does GIS have to offer BIM?) I think that some of us are missing the point that all of these technologies should be working together so that businesses, governments, and the general populace can understand our world better to make better decisions.

Anyway, thanks for letting me unload that here. Good coverage.

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