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February 04, 2009


Guy Martin


The site is indeed using CollabNet's technology, NOT that of I should know, since I'm the Community Management consultant that helped set this up for the DoD.

I'll be keeping a regular update going on the CollabNet blog as we move toward full launch in April. You can check out the latest update here:

Note that there has been a LOT of misinformation that got out on this - the biggest being that this was an 'open' site for any OSS developer to contribute to. I've explained that in my latest blog. This is a site for internal community source work for the DoD. As part of my role in Community Management, I'm helping to make sure this site doesn't become a 'fork playground', and if developers/projects have changes that should go back to the appropriate Open Source project, that they contribute them directly.

The main reason for the existence of (and specifically is to let the DoD take advantage of the Open Source methodologies in their own software development practices.


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