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March 09, 2009



I live in Massachusetts, and have been paying close attention to the Broadband Initiative. I draw your attention to their "Call For Solutions" (right sidebar). I, too, got all excited at the prospect of better broadband penetration into the more rural areas of our state, and looked forward to seeing what sorts of 'solutions' would be proposed when the call went out.

However, when the proposals came in, I soon discovered the fallacy of the numbers quoted for broadband penetration. Many of the small towns in Massachusetts claim to be underserved in the broadband department (there's a map link in the left sidebar). However, when you read the proposals by Comcast, AT&T and Verizon, they point to a simple fact: most of the homes in Massachusetts, be they rural or not, already have either phone lines or cable (or both) running to them. So the question is begged: Is it that they don't have broadband available to them, or is it simply that they're not happy with the cost of the broadband that's already available?

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