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March 19, 2009



Does it really take your Windows machine THAT long to boot? If so, you've got issues that you can't really blame on Microsoft. The common conception that Windows takes overlong to boot is largely Urban Folklore. A clean install of Vista (admittedly MS's slowest-starting OS) completely finishes all boot processes in less than 2 minutes. Do you REALLY need to gain 90 seconds on that? Do you actually sit there, stare at your laptop and start chanting "Come on, come on" after the first 30 seconds?

My guess would be no. That your laptop takes considerably longer than 2 minutes to boot. While this is often the case, it is rarely Microsoft's fault. If your computer is taking more than a couple of minutes to boot (completely), then you should probably be taking a close look at what, exactly, is running on your system at startup. Chances are, there's a non-MS culprit (or more than one) to blame.

Also, it doesn't hurt to take the time to carry out some system cleaning/maintenance tasks once in a while. Keeping the system clean helps keep your boot times shorter, as well as improving performance in general.


Terry, Thanks for the comment. Anyone who works in a large corporate environment spends a lot of time watching Windows "boot". A lot of it is not directly attributable to Microsoft but is part of the platform and cannot be avoided including security checks, virus scans, backups, etc, that can leave you with a machine that is unusable for a significant period of time. If I have a presentation or something for which I need to use my Windows machine, I have to include "boot time" as part of my preparation so that I am ready in time.


'Anyone who works in a large corporate environment spends a lot of time watching Windows "boot".'

Agreed. However (and I'm really trying not to be a pain here), how many people working in that environment are able to freely install third-party apps (like Splashtop, Hyperspace or Presto) in their company laptop? Besides, if you're running into these problems in a corporate environment, it's not your time that's being wasted, anyway. And - realistically - we're only talking about a few minutes here (unless you're starting up a cold server stack or somesuch). The slowest boot time in the world can't possibly add up to more than five minutes (unless there's something SERIOUSLY wrong with the computer in question).

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