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June 12, 2009


Akum Gill

Technology is evolving quickly but perhaps too slowly to solve the critical ailments of the grid. Many tools exist that visualize assets however very few are able to paint a complete picture that is not only easy to read, but substantial enough to be used by itself. Space-Time Insight’s geospatial-temporal analytics portal organizes multiple ERP, WFM, SCADA system, sensor, GIS, GPS, and real-time weather and event feeds, analyzes the data, and displays the assets and analytics on a single interface on a satellite image of the region. If there is a problem that occurs, a popup notification tells the control room operators the exact protocol to follow to quickly, efficiently, and intelligently restore the grid to full capabilities. Other companies take years of custom systems development and millions of dollars to customize the software for each customer, but Space-Time Insight provides an out-of-the-box solution that will not only prove faster but cheaper than the alternatives. In the new research report, “Enabling Technologies for the Smart Grid,” Space-Time Insight was the only company listed in the category “Interface and Decision Support” for the Smart Grid. In a totally different deployment, during those 1500 simultaneous wildfires in California last year, Space-Time Insight’s real-time geospatial-temporal analytics Crisis Management solution literally helped save San Diego’s electric supply by notifying operators for California ISO that there was a fire within a mile of the last transmission line transporting electricity to San Diego, and winds were pushing the fire towards the line. As a result, authorities re-directed air-dropped fire retardant to that area and to that specific transmission line – preventing an outage to San Diego downtown that could have lasted for days. San Diego was saved. Who’s next? Check it out at

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