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June 27, 2009


Richard W. Barker

Where are the brains of the American People? Is anyone thinking of what we are doing and allowing our representatives to do. It seems insane that the claimed large number of Americans would vote for massive increases in utilities, especially when there is so little clear evidence of global warming itself. If there were 80 or 90 percent of scientists who would give us clear unquestionable evidence of warming there might be some space to discuss the question. But the opposite is happening. We are hearing regular reports even in the news that the earth is really cooling. What are we going to believe? Who is telling the truth? Are we going to approve these bills of insane spending when things are getting cooler? Where are the Americans who are really thinking of what we are doing? Do our elected leaders want to honestly debate this question or simply cram a lot of nonsense down our throats and we like dumb sheep simply pay the bills?

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