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October 25, 2009


Roger Diercks

Being a meteorologist by training, I'm not the least bit surprised by the use of Fortran. The language has long been the language of choice in meteorological and climatological research. A Fortran class was required as part of my university's meteorology major, and I used Fortran extensively in my masters thesis research.


Having done a French School of engineering, with a major in applied mathematics (in 2003), I have done a lot of fortran programming. A Fortran class was given to every student, and homeworks in the field of numerical computing were all done in fortran.

I then had the opportunity to work on an air quality simulation program : polyphemus ( ), whose core computation module is written in fortran as well ( to be able to do automatic inverse code generation ).

Not surprised neither by Pitman's assertion on the fortran subject.

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