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November 25, 2009


Hugh Thomson

Hi Geoff,

Interesting design workflow. May I also suggest adding a prerequisite phase after 'Initiate work-order' and prior to 'Concept' addressing identification of project long lead items and required inputs i.e. survey and GIS data?
There may also be TBA (Technical Build Analysis) of main equipment, preferably completed by end of 'Concept'.


I work for a Power Utillity in Utah and was wondering what version of AutoCad you use to get 3D rendering of Substations and Electrical


The utilities that I am familiar with use Inventor ( )for 3D modeling of substations. An Autodesk partner in Germany, Entegra (, uses AutoCAD.

There will be a talks at Autodesk University in Las Vegas (very close to Utah) the first week in December by utilities who are using 3D models for substation design.

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