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April 22, 2010


Richard Musi

Thanks for this information - I hadn't realised how favourable the FiT in Ontario really is! Here in the UK we launched our FiT version of the policy on the 1st April, and we're waiting on the figures after the first month's activities.

My website ( looks at FiTs worldwide - let me know if you're interested in a link swap.


Christopher Stewart

I have received my condtional offer from OPA for a small scale rooftop 10 mw solar aray back in december. I have not been able to find funding to purchase the installation and bring it on-line due mostly to the fact that the banks have only vauge numbers like 15%-20% returns. Do you know of anyone who has received a contract with the OPA that is now receiving cheques? The banks are looking for "proof" that once they cut a cheque that I will be able to service the debt.


M Dochoda

Why is this considered to be such a good deal? When I crank out the numbers, my math shows that investing that same $60,000 in a mutual fund returning an average of 4% over 20 years will get you the $134,000 the micro-FIT promises at the 58.8 cents per kW; without the hassle, maintenance and insurance cost that you would incur with the micro-FIT contract.
Even at 80.2 cents, a stock market investment returning 5.6% will get you the $182,000 to micro-FIT will give you without the hassle.
The rates of return bandied around try to make you think that you still have an asset at the end of the contract. In reality, after twenty years the panels will be worthless, it will cost you money to remove and dispose of them.

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