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November 19, 2020


Jan-Willem Nijman

Geoff, I like to make a couple of remarks to put things in some perspective. The country were i think most of the planning is done, is in fact the UK and that is because the main service in the UK is free for the user and the focus on Health and safety. Netherlands is lacking this and this is shown on the high damage rate (6%), the highest in mature countries. About Germany: BiL is processing about 100.00 enquries and has 90 members. That may sound a lot but in perspective of 5 million excavations and 10.000 utilities and other assetowners this is only a very tiny portion of the countries infrastructure. Besides Bil there are 2 others services and numerous local inititatives. Spain's services receive only about 100.000 enquiries, again very small for such a country, which means many companies are excavating without a search. Main reason is the cost for the enquiry with can be quite expensive. I would be happy to discuss about this since I have been in those countries quite a lot.
Regards, Jan-Willem Nijman

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